Thursday, July 17, 2014

Princess Wedding on the Clouds game
Cindy is the princess of the Far Away Land! Everyone in the country liked her as a young and warm-hearted little girl. Over the years she grew up and turned into a mature woman. And very recently she decided to get married! Although this decision was shocking to most of the people, she's never felt happier and determined! That's why she wants to say "I do" as soon as possible and have the best wedding on the clouds!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Holiday Treats for Mouse King
Holiday Treats for the Mouse King is part of the Wonder Pets presented by Nick Jr. Games to develop the ability to calculate and train motor skills of your childs to capture the cookie that was revealed by the fairies.

Friday, December 20, 2013

PAW Patrol Pups Save The Day
PAW Patrol Pups Save The Day-There's trouble in Adventure Bay, and the PAW Patrol needs your help to save the day. First meet Ryder in The Lookout. With a click of your mouse, gamers can help Ryder select the best pups for each rescue mission. PAW Patrol is on a roll and they'll need your help to steer their vehicles. To move the vehicles from side to side, use the left and right arrow keys. Pick up as many pup treats as you can but watch out for obstacles on the road. Roll over the badges to get them all for a super speed boost to get the pups to their friends.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Luna's Christmas Tree
December is a special month for Luna. Arrival of December, meaning ready to celebrate Christmas. Let this Christmas more festive and exciting, Luna went to the market to buy a Christmas tree and other decorative items. Luna is a clever girl and happy decorate the Christmas tree, but this time he needs your help. Help ya!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dora' Skating Spectacular
Dora will try to conquer the snowy forest. Dora will use dance and run on the field to become a champion ice skater. Dora will compete against other participants. To win the race, Dora will move to the right and left panels.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Floating Dora the Explorer Dress Up
Dora wants to fly. This time, he had no clothes that can float. Now, She will design the best clothes so that flight can be maximized. Dora has set up all the equipment. And Dora is ready to have fun.

Dora Go to The Playground
Dora go to the playground, the English name: Dora explorer ride along city adventure. Cute Dora wants to go to the playground, finally got ready to take her father's consent, but on the way to the playground has undergone a lot of conditions, lead to the front line, in the end could go into play Dora market? We wait and see!

Mr Santa Polar Express
December, Christmas came, the party is also ready to be held. Mr. Santa is busy bringing gifts to children's home are good. He had to send all the gifts in one night. He needs your help!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Doughnuts Cafe
It's not easy to manage a successful doughnut cafe. You have to serve your customers quickly and keep them happy!

Baby Emma At The Zoo
Baby Emma likes to play all day and eat candy's. Today she's parents let her take a visit to the Zoo. It's the first time when baby Emma goes to the Zoo, here she will see for the first time lots of animals. She will see the monkeys, rabbits, wolfs and many other animals. Enjoy the Zoo visit with Emma and help her have a wonderful day!

Dora Truck Adventure
Dora Friends have asked her to buy gift for them. Dora bought the gift and now she would

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Quincenera Prepration of Vanessa
Vanessa will celebrate two celebrations, the Christmas and Quincinera. Two celebrations coincide with the 15th anniversary. In order for the celebration festive and special, she went to the salon to the spa, a makeover, and makeup. In addition, he has also set his best clothes and do massage the body to make it look fresher and brighter.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dora Birthday Cake
Dora Birthday Cake-When birthday, Dora makes a very beautiful, beautiful cake, and of course, delicious taste. Dora decorate the cake with a variety of beautiful ornaments to ensnare anyone who saw the tongue.

Preparations Christmas Day
Christmas Cleanup-For event Christmas Day so special then you have to be prepared as possible. You can clean up, tidy up, and arranging the environment to be beautiful and fresh so it feels comfortable.

The Smurfs-2 Spot the Numbers
The Smurfs 2 challenges you to find the hidden numbers. You wait for a fantastic show movement in this animated film. Get the highest score by collecting the figures to become a leader.

Chocolate Manicure
Clara wants to have a Chocolate cream manicure for her birthday followed by Thanksgiving day. She wants to have a pleasing look for this Thanksgiving day celebration. In this Chocolate manicure game, we have added milk cream to make her skin glow. Play Chocolate Manicure at Baby Games!Chocolate Manicure is a very fun game!

Sweetest Princess Snow White

Snow White is the sweetest and the most gentle of all the Disney Princesses. She is naive, resilient, sentimental, helpful and kind, but is also strict as she warns the dwarfs if they do not wash their hands they get nothing to eat and scolds some of the birds after they pecked at the Queen in her old hag form. She is also slightly cheeky after she teased Grumpy by laughing after he hit his nose when he left to wash in a huff. She is a dreamer and a romantic, but is willing to work hard if need be to earn her keep. She enjoys singing, dancing, cooking, daydreaming and loves all animals. Her kindness and generosity can often blind her judgment and she is quick to break rules if it means to help someone in trouble. Exclusive Games

Learning Injected with Dora
Dora is a nurse at the hospital. This time, she will teach us how to injected patient correctly. She will mark the areas which must be injected by way of hitting. Areas that have characterized it to be injected. By practicing like that, then we will be trained and become a reliable nurse.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Baby Hazel Skin Care
Baby Hazel has been playing in the snow the whole day, but now she wants to go inside. She is cold and is longing for a warm bath and clean, warm clothes. Do you want to take care of her so she will be all happy again?

Chibi Twilight Sparkle
The fun my little pony art games. This is the Big Night for girls Equestria Girls. Today is entirely dedicated to find the best evening dress, the best jewelry and do the best makeup to rock in the school dance.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Puppy Beauty Spa
Puppy Beauty Spa is a game where you can take care of your personal pet. Before beginning with the game, select your adorable pet dog. Here in this game give your indolent dog nice bath and then get him ready. The game gives an idea where you get a chance to enjoy your time taking care of pet. Even pets need special care and attention. Give him whatever he wants if he is upset.

Dora Relaxing on the Beach
Sunshine,Beach,Waves,Cactus,it's the place where Dora want to go.Today Dora decided to go to beach on vacation.Help her pack bags and take essential goods.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Dora Turkey Catching
The Thanksgiving Day is coming, Dora wanted to make a delicious delicious roast turkey for family, but the first thing need to do is catch the turkey. Turkey is certainly not want to be killed, let’s help Turkey escape! Funny!

Barbie Russian Doll
After spending a fabulous week in Paris, Barbie decided to extend her vacation in Europe with a few more days spent in Moscow. The capital of Russia has lots of surprises in store for the American cutie, from its unique architecture and places to visit to its culture, lifestyle and traditional food. She was mostly fascinated by the local fashion and the famous Russian dolls. Barbie just got back to the hotel from an amazing shopping spree and check out the beautiful dresses and accessories she purchased. She is eager to try them on and design gorgeous Russian doll outfits, which she will wear back home at a thematic party or a fancy dress ball. She wants to offer some of them to her bffs as presents. Which dresses should she keep and which ones should she give away? Wanna give her a helping hand, girls? Dress up Barbie in fashionable Russian doll attires, matching each dress with the perfect pair of high heeled shoes, braided hairstyle, traditional embroidered hat, flower bouquet and jewelry set. Barbie would look stunning in that purple princess gown or those vintage embroidered dresses. Don't forget the cute dolls! Have a fantastic time playing this brand new dress up game!

Dora Halloween Cupcakes
It's Halloween night and Dora wants to thrill her friends with some spooky cupcakes! Join Dora in the kitchen to help her pick the most scary, yet tasteful decorations for the cakes. Choose a spider web as a topping, place some creepy tomb stones, ghosts or pumpkins on top of the cupcakes and see if the final result is scary enough. A great treat not only looks great, but also tastes good, so finish the cupcakes off with some candy and you're ready for Halloween!

Dora's Christmas Carol Adventure
It's time for Dora's Christmas Eve Celebration, but Santa has caught Swiper trying to sneak off with the presents! Now, Swiper has just one more chance to get off Santa's naughty list before Christmas. Take a ride in Santa's sleigh with Dora and Swiper on this Christmas Adventure! You'll need your shape, color, and pattern recognizing skills to help Swiper and Dora get all the presents delivered.

Legends of Oz Hidden Letters
Find all the hidden letters in these pictures of Dorothy, Tinman, Lion, Scarecrow, and other characters from the Disney movie, Legends of Oz. Beat all five levels to beat the game. Every correct find will give you 50 points and every incorrect find will minus 15 points.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Baby Fishing
Have you ever gone to fishing? It is a definitely fun sport! Come with this lovely baby and get more realistic fishing experience! It looks very easy but it improves your motor skills for actual fishing! See which kind of fish this baby want to catch from the "TASK",then click the space bar to put the hook and again click space bar to draw back.

Diego Air War
Thanks for your visit. We hope you like our game Diego Air War!Collect the targeted number of Watches in order to complete all the levels successfully without hitting the opponents. Your life gets reduced every time you collide with the opponents or if they shoot against you.If you're done, there are many more games waiting for you in the Diego Games category. Instructions:Use your mouse to play.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Fresh Beat Band - Giant Pizza!
It's pirate and pizza day at Harper's pizza cafe. The band is preparing to sing and give pizza away. Kids can help them by collecting all the right ingredients.
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